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The International College of Health Sciences and Technology (ICAHST), Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit educational institution committed to empowering Filipinos through technical-vocational skills development and education.


​ICAHST differentiates itself by keeping up with industry developments, using modern technology, and ensuring student-focused systems. Furthermore, with its vast global network, ICAHST aims to develop expertise, knowledge, skills and attitude among the ICAHST graduates that can be translated to employment, both locally and abroad.


With a commitment to providing high-quality education and a focus on student success, ICAHST is a valuable institution for those looking to advance their careers in the health sciences and technology fields.


The International College of Allied Health, Sciences and Technology, Inc. is a Technical Vocational Institution infused with God’s spirit and humane perspective, and established to serve as an instrument for developing and enhancing knowledge, skills and values of men and women aspiring to be technically equipped for local and global employment opportunities.


The International College of Allied Health, Sciences and Technology, Inc. is committed to play a leading role in producing graduates imbued with nobly accepted standards of training, stable principles and righteous moral values to qualify and put them at par, if not higher, among competent and valuable workers in the industries where they are accepted. The institution pledges to fully assist students in their preparation for appropriate training programs.

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Chairman's Message

“In this world of scarcity and poverty, there are so many things that we can do only if we open up our hearts and mind to the realities in life and become aware on what the majority of our people really needs. As advocates of change, our paradigms must shift from egocentric to what is known as anthropocentric and eco-ccentric.


We must be instrumental in bringing about positive transformation to our society and in creating positive change in people’s lives. Finally, life will become more meaningful as we see our people and the environment in the eyes of our Creator.”


For Inquiries:

3/F NBS Building, Quezon Ave. cor.

Sct. Borromeo, Quezon City, Philippines

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