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Book Project 2023 Executive Writeshop

Hybrid Writeshop (20 Slots Only)

Book Project 2023 is a 10-module Executive Writeshop that provides a comprehensive guide to the practical aspects of book writing. The program covers everything from the initial concept and knowledge curation to content organization, intellectual property, layouting, and relationships with publishers. By the end of the Writeshop, each participant will have a published book, complete with a professionally designed book cover, ISBN, and a book launch event. 


This program is ideal for individuals who want to leave a lasting legacy by publishing their experiences and knowledge. The modules will be led by experienced facilitators and distinguished, published authors, who will provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the course.

Omni-Modal Pedagogy: ICT in Education

BATCH 2: MARCH 22-31, 2023

[Fully Online] 

  1. Be updated with the latest technological advances in the 21st Century

  2. Promote effective strategies in the positive use of ICT to facilitate the teaching and learning process

  3. Demonstrate ICT Competencies in your field of Profession


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Sct. Borromeo, Quezon City, Philippines


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